Welcome to the Haunted Video Gamepasta Wiki!Edit

Hey there and welcome one and all gamepasta fans! This is an unofficial derivative of the Creepypasta wiki and is in NO WAY officially afilliated with the Creepypasta Wiki. Video game pastas are becoming a huge issue due to the amount of cliches and unoriginal pastas being created on that wiki...Therefore, welcome to the Haunted Video Game Pasta wiki!

Anyone may post creepypasta relating to haunted video gaming here. They can be sequels to already existing pastas too!

This wiki is for video game creepypastas, commonly called "gamepasta". If you have another type of creepypasta, please post it in the Creepypasta Wiki! We aren't too fussy but please try and make your pasta of good quality. Downright terrible ones with terrible grammar will be removed...with warning usually, unless we feel it really needs to be removed right away, or if it includes illegal content (racism etc).

What we are looking for is originality and decent grammar. A few mistakes are fine, though. We're all human. ...Right?

All rights reserved to the creators of the content posted here. Do NOT use any of the content in this wiki for personal profit unless you are the original creator. This wiki is non-profit, all for fun. No one gets paid here. If your writing appears here and you want it deleted, please message an admin directly. If this fails, please visit my tumblr and ask for a removal via inbox or "fanmail". My tumblr is

Want to appeal a ban? Email the admin who blocked you. If not available, please contact my tumblr.

Finally, don't forget to read the rules!

Before you startEdit

Please visit the "Site Navigation" tab on the menu navigation bar (in blue) near the top of the page and read the rules! You can also access the Article Listing here and add your stories, and see the most recent blog posts. You may also see a "forum" tab there. These forums have been archived now, so please visit the new forums under the "On the Wiki" tab.

The wiki becomes more active when more people participate by posting their stories, so the first thing you could do when you get the chance is post your own pasta if you want to become known to the community quickly. However this is completely optional and just advice.

Latest activityEdit

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